What’s On in January 2014

happy-new-year070-1024Hi everyone
Happy New Year! We hope you had a lovely Christmas and got everything you wanted.
We are looking forward to seeing you in January. These are our plans:

Monday 6th January:  Welcome 2014 Disco
DJ Foxy Roxy welcomes 2014 with a request disco. You say, we play!

Monday 13th January:  Chill Out Night
Time to catch up with friends, dance, play pool and… just chill.

Monday 20th January:  The MNC Awards | The Teddies
Yes! We are having our own awards ceremony to rival the Oscars. Best Singer, Best Dancer, Biggest Smile, Best Club Member, Best Carer… etc. The full list of categories will be revealed on the night. It’s only for fun, but maybe you will win a chocolate Teddy.

Monday 27th January:  New Year Keep Fit with Amanda
Amanda will lead us in a keep fit routine and bring her hoola hoops too. Time to shift those extra Xmas pounds!


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