The Teddie Awards 2014

After Awards Celebrations!

After Awards Celebrations!

Full list of nominees and winners: 

Best singer Colin Clarissa Georgia   Winner Clarissa

Best dancer Davis Ali Tammy Anthea    Winner: Davis

Best gymnast Jenny

Best duet singers Clarissa & Emily Joanna & Cathy Lottie & Heather Owen & Georgia   Winners: Joanna & Cathy

Best bar person Joe Marg Julie Sandra    Winner: Marg

Best attendance record Danielle Laura Emily Tom  Winner: Emily

Best Elvis impersonator Colin

Best comedy singing act Heather

Best female care worker Rose Sophie Beth     Winner: Rose

Best  male care worker Ollie Joe Richard     Winner: Joe

Best Care Home Newland Hurst Bredon House Players Avenue Upper Ford Lodge     Winner: Bredon House

Best Care Farm Top Barn Acton Mill     Winner: Acton Mill

Best volunteer Tom Adam Michelle Abbie     Winner:Michelle

Best writer Laura Sam     Winner: Sam

Best pool player Lee Emily Richard Dave     Winner:Dave

Best skittles player Hazel Danielle Colin Sally     Winner: Danielle

Best cake maker Helen Harry Louise     Winner: Harry

Best dressed – male Nicholas Richard Paul Ali     Winner: Nicholas

Best dressed – female Annie Jenny Donna Anthea Jeng     Winner: Donna

Best Newbie Poppy Joanna Nicola     Winner: Joanna

Best Club in Worcestershire Sketchleys Thursday Club The Monday Night Club      Winner: US!

Best DJ Laura Mick    Winner:Laura

Helen got a special awards as Best Organiser.


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