The Monday Night Club Teddy Awards 2015


Just for fun we give chocolate teddies to just some of  the people who make our club the brilliant place it is – singers, dancers, sports people, staff and volunteers. Awards for All!
To see photos of the winners in our Photo Gallery click here >

Best Singer
Nominations: Andrew, Georgia, Owen, Chloe
Winner Georgia

Best Dancer
Nominations: Ali, Dino, Davis, Stephen
Winner Davis

Best Duet Singers
Nominations: Jack & Sarah, Davis & Jenny
Winners Jack & Sarah

Best Comedy Singing Act
Nominations: Nick, Colin, Emily
Winner Nick 

Best Attendance Record
Nominations: Davis, Laura, Lesley, Ritchie, Jamie, Samantha, Joanne
Winners Lesley and Jamie

Best Pool Player
Nominations: Paul, Matt Arrowsmith, Matt Morris
Winner Paul

Best Skittles Player
Nominations: Sarah, Paul, Danielle, Tom L.
Winner Danielle

Best MNC Team Footballer
Nominations: Emily, Hayden, Tom, Dan, Owen, Donna, Nick
Winner Hayden 

Best Dressed Male
Nominations: David B, Nick, Ali
Winner Ali 

Best Dressed Female
Nominations: Princess Jeng, Sarah, Angie, Chloe, April, Samantha
Winners Angie and Chloe

Best Elvis Impersonator
Nominations: Elvis, Colin, Stuart B.
Winner Colin 

Best Cake Maker
Nominations: Harry, Marg, Helen
Winner Harry 

Best Female Support Worker
Nominations: Lesley, Rosemary, Pearl, Jo, Justine, Julie
Winner Jo (support for James C) 

Best Male Support Worker
Nominations: Joe, James, Danny, Luke
Winner Joe 

Best Care Home
Nominations: Newland Hurst, Homestead Avenue, Park House, Players Avenue Constable House, Bromyard Road, Whiteladies, Upper Ford Lodge
Winner Newland Hurst 

Best Care Farm
Nominations: Top Barn, Acton Mill
Winner Acton Mill 

Best MNC volunteer
Nominations: Juliet, Abby, Emily
Winner Juliet 

Best Bar Person
Nominations:Sandra, Beth, Marg, Clare
Winner Marg 

Best Club in Worcestershire
Nominations: Sketchleys, Thursday Club, The Monday Night Club, DY10
Winner The Monday Night Club

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