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1099375-Clipart-Movie-Camera-Filming-Over-A-Rainbow-Splatter-And-Film-ReelsThe Monday Night Club will make a Music Video!

The Talented Monday Night Club
We have some exciting news! We have been given some money from The Lottery to make another film!! They want us to show them just how much more talent The Monday Night Club has got! 

Let’s make a music video
We are going to make some music videos — dancing and lip syncing to a favourite song or two. We will dance outside, in some of Worcester’s lovely places, to show off the City of Worcester as well.

Professional helpers
Lots of people are going to help us — C&T are going to make the film, Cat is going to help us with dancing and Drum Love are going to join in with their amazing drums (and we can play them too!).

Film Premier
The videos should be so brilliant when they are finished that we can share them with our friends and families and everyone else in Worcestershire. We can put them on our website and have another Film Premier!

Rehearsal and filming dates
We will rehearse in June and film in June and July. The final day of filming will be on Saturday 11th July, so make sure you are able to come to Worcester City centre that day.

On some Monday evenings we may go for a short walk to find somewhere nice to film you singing and dancing.
The disco will continue in the club as usual if you do not want to join us.

Ask Helen for more information.
07973 788029

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We love the DrumsThe club will be open as usual, every Monday from 7pm – 10pm.

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