The Monday Night Club Has Got Talent 2019

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Our talent show took place on 7th October at The Swan Theatre.

Winner: Kieran Fletcher reading How Far. You can read the full poem here >

Runners up: Megan Chorley and Tash Jones

Here are more photos of all the performers that took part.

Dan Webb

Megan Maloney

Abi Revill

Owen Prince

Spencer Morris

Curtis Maloney

Curtis Maloney

Ashley Bishton

Jake Thomas

Lorna’s Dance Fitness Team

Tash and Jade Jones and Kevin Cowell

John Morris

Footsteps Drama Group

Kieran Fletcher

Ray Cooke

Dylan Jones

Paul Clarke

Charlotte Bailey

Poppy Barrett

Jake and Melissa

Princess Jeng

Claire and Laura

Bettie and Ben

Charlie Tinsdale

Sophie Martin

Megan Chorley

Presenters: Laura Gill and Courtney Wallis Richardson

The Trophies and Medals

The Judges: Hannah Phillips, Max Dean, Darryl Bradford

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